“D’argento, al leone di rosso, coronato di oro, poggiato su un monte all’italiana di verde, sostenente tra le branche anteriori uno scudetto d’argento, caricato di una croce di rosso. Ornamenti esteriori da Comune” (Descrizione araldica dello stemma)

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Zignago, a former property of the lords of Vezzano, lies in a wide basin full of waterways, dominated by the Dragnone and Castellaro mountains. It stands out as one of the villages best associated to the concept of Slow Food and rural traditions, old enough to have given birth to a statue menhir, found along the riverbed of the Gravegnola – and currently preserved in the archaeological museum of Pegli. Sasseta and Torpiana are the most important hamlets.

Events and Place of Interest

The Church of San Pietro Apostolo, with a delicate pink hue and the usual gabled façade, the squared bell tower to the side, was formerly known as the Church of San Pietro Apostolo di Cornia, which was the original name of Zignago. In order of importance, it is followed by its more discreet little sister dedicated to St Martin.

Here, where the Via del Sale (Salt Road) hummed with activities, there was a manor house converted into a residence, now a ruin, that belonged to the Signoria (authority) of the Vezzano family, and a similar fate befell the Castle of Serra Maggiore, but the vegetation has not altered its opulence, although it is now little more than a pile of rubble.

Following the tracks that climb up to the peaks of Dragnone, walking up to a higher altitude, you can reach the enchanting Sanctuary of Natività (Nativity) dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Due to its beauty, and the thriving fauna still free in the woods on the top, it is said that the place was already considered sacred during the Iron Age.

The traditional appointment with the typical products of the Alta Val di Vara (Upper Vara Valley) is the “Festa della Cultura Contadina” (Farming Culture Festival), with a multitude of farm animals, tools and craftsmen. It takes place in August.

Zignago is protected by Our Lady of Dragnone, celebrated on September 8th.

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Monumental Lunigiana in the presence of the witnesses of time

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Lunigiana Storica - cover magazine 2023

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