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Scaforimessa Minosa

Scaforimessa Minosa


Viale S. Bartolomeo, 332, 19126 La Spezia SP – (+39) 0187 502235 – (+39) 347 2789864​
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Scaforimessa Minosa
Scaforimessa Minosa mooring
Scaforimessa Minosa
Scaforimessa Minosa boat
Scaforimessa Minosa marine del levante

Scaforimessa Minosa


In La Spezia


Scaforimessa Minosa has been active for many years in the boating industry as a yacht basin but also as a boat storage facility during the winter period, and for the necessary maintenance of the hull. The staff is available for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance: polishing, fibreglass reparations, hull stripping and epoxy coating cycles, careening with all types of antifouling, electrical system maintenance, installation of on-board devices and/or equipment. Since the summer of 2012, Scaforimessa Minosa S.n.c. has offered a boat rental service in the magnificent Gulf of La Spezia, which is the perfect starting point for excursions to the most famous seaside locations such as Lerici, Porto Venere and the Cinque Terre, which are famous worldwide for their beauty.

A bit of history

Scaforimessa was born in a time where the Gulf of La Spezia wasn’t thriving yet: the container terminal hadn’t been established yet and there were only a few “shacks” for the “muscolai” (mussel farmers) and wooden piers and stilts that were used to build fish farms/nurseries and to load and unload the seeds. These seeds were grown and, once they became mussels, they were sold. The Scaforimessa was the brainchild of Felice and Michele Minosa (1950s) and, at the beginning, it targeted the limited clientele that could afford wooden boats. Every stage of the constrution takes place in the Shipyard, from the design to the creation of the models and of the final moulds, and up to the CE certification. There is an attention to detail during all the production phases, from the selection of the best materials and components, to the search for safe, aesthetically pleasant and functional solutions. All of this is made possible by years of experience and by the pleasure that derives from doing a good job. Today our models are the Gozzo 657 Pontato or Cabin, available as recreational boats or, on request, as workboats. All the hulls are handcrafted and built on request, with the possibility of customisation and personalised finish upon customers’ request.

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Viale S. Bartolomeo, 332, 19126 La Spezia SP

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