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Ristorante Vela


Piazza Tarchioni, 1/2, 16030, Moneglia (GE) – (+39) 0185 49440
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Ristorante Vela pesce
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Ristorante Vela
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Ristorante Vela


Family-run fish restaurant in Moneglia


In the heart of Moneglia, in a picturesque square in the historic centre, there is Ristorante Vela, where the chef Paolo Compiano amazes every guest with exceptional dishes linked to the Ligurian tradition. The restaurant chooses local ingredients and fish of high quality coming from the seas of our peninsula and, in particular, from our Ligurian Sea. This ensures greater freshness and gives a more intense flavour to our dishes.

The care with which we prepare each dish is the same as that with which you will be welcomed in our restaurant, where every customer is an important guest. In 1975, Paolo decided, together with his wife Imelda, to open a restaurant that fully represented him. Vela is indeed a sunny and genuine fish restaurant, with dishes that are based solely on the raw ingredients of the Ligurian  sea and land. Fabrizio, chef Paolo Compiano’s son, has been working alongside his parents since 1985 and therefore knows all the secrets of a cuisine of the highest quality.

The family is carrying the business on preparing the best traditional Ligurian fish dishes and combining freshness, imagination and creativity


The menù


Our menu is always fresh, appetisers are the fresh products of the day, such as the crudités, with the best catch of the day! Each dish reflects the tradition of the typical Ligurian cuisine, with a touch of creativity. Obviously, the first courses hold a place of honour. It is worth mentioning the spaghetti with ‘Vela’ seafood, which have become a classic, risotto alla pescatora (‘fisherman style’), linguine with anglerfish, the classic trofie with pesto, pansoti with walnut sauce and ravioli aù tuccù.

The typical Ligurian cuisine has many historical main courses, such as Ligurian style fish, a simple but very tasty dish. You will also find all the classic second courses based on fish such as the fish-fry of the gulf or the mixed grill. Each dish can be prepared with ingredients suitable for people with coeliac disease or those with other needs. If you are not a fan of fish, there is also a wide choice of meat and different vegetarian or vegan options.

At Ristorante Vela, you can accompany each dish with a different wine. Our wine list is indeed very extensive, including many local labels or labels from other Italian regions. Precisely because freshness is of the utmost importance to us, the ‘menu of the day’ offers new dainties with fresh fish and seasonal delicacies every time. 

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Piazza Tarchioni, 1/2, 16030, Moneglia (GE)

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