Ristorante Steakhouse Tabèrna

Ristorante Steakhouse Tabèrna

Contemporary pizzeria / Steakhouse

Via degli Ulivi, 1, Colline del Sole, 19033, Castelnuovo Magra (SP) – (+39) 351 969 9065
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Ristorante Steakhouse Taberna
Ristorante Steakhouse Taberna banco frigo
Ristorante Steakhouse Tabèrna tavola
Ristorante Steakhouse Taberna sala
Ristorante Steakhouse Taberna
Ristorante Steakhouse Taberna esterno
Ristorante Steakhouse Taberna esterno
Ristorante Steakhouse Taberna pizza preparazione
Ristorante Steakhouse Taberna pizza preparazione pala
Ristorante Steakhouse Taberna impasto
Ristorante Steakhouse Taberna pizza
Ristorante Steakhouse Taberna pizza
Ristorante Steakhouse Taberna carne impiattamento
Ristorante Steakhouse Taberna portata
Ristorante Steakhouse Taberna risotto
Ristorante Steakhouse Taberna impiattamento

Restaurant Steakhouse Tabèrna


Contemporary Pizzeria and Steakhouse in Castelnuovo Magra


Tabèrna is a steakhouse restaurant located in a historic location immersed in the nature of Colline del Sole (Sunny Hills), between Tuscany and Liguria, precisely in Castelnuovo Magra. Our land is a borderland, a strategic territory that with one eye looks at the sea, from the Ligurian to the Tyrrhenian Sea, and with the other at the Apuan Alps. A place with an intimate and cosy atmosphere, inside Ippotur, the Medieval Resort located in a centuries-old pine forest. Ippotur offers cultural excursions, food and wine itineraries, social evenings, and horseback riding days, offering countless opportunities to those who truly want to experience this area.

The restaurant has a large indoor hall that can seat up to 80 people, making it suitable for both informal lunches and dinners and for private events such as weddings, first communions, confirmations, birthdays and more. Tabèrna is characterised by a warm and cosy atmosphere that will make you feel at home, with the comfort of a staff at your complete disposal to satisfy every need.


La Tabèrna


The project originated from the desire to do something impactful for our land. We are young people, innovation-oriented, with a special attention to the selection of products and a proactive look towards the future. Our staff is made up of professionals in the sector and consists of 7 invaluable collaborators, aged between 20 and 50.

When choosing the name of our restaurant, we were inspired by the Tabèrna of Ancient Rome, an open space dedicated to commercial activities. For our restaurant, the two key words are “essential nature” and “simplicity”.


Our offer


The Tabèrna Steakhouse Restaurant specialises in quality meat: we select fine cuts from all over the world, leave them to rest in seasoning cabinets and finally cook them with innovative methods to achieve the perfect result. Our selection is undoubtedly the most requested by customers. The Polish Scottona (young heifer), bred in the wild, which is immediately recognisable for its thick marbling. A meat with superlative tenderness, exquisitely lean and with an enveloping flavour.

One of our “secret ingredients” is the cooking process, which takes place in the Pira charcoal oven, which is perfect for giving the grill its typical quality while enhancing the texture and authentic flavour of the meat.

The preparation is also one of our strong points and is a true ritual that we follow with the utmost care and that requires 3 essential elements: selected steaks, seasoning cabinets and waiting. These are the ingredients at the basis of dry ageing, the process during which meat becomes tastier, juicier and more tender. Our Klima Meat maturing cabinets keep the meat at a controlled temperature and humidity: this process improves the organoleptic qualities by developing aromas and flavours that are nothing short of heavenly.

Tabèrna’s culinary offer is not only based on steaks, but also on local and Italian cured meats, knife-beaten tartare and salted meat from Trentino Alto Adige. The steakhouse in Castelnuovo Magra also offers a wide choice of wines, with Italian and French labels, as well as beers and soft drinks.

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Tabèrna Ippotur Resort


Via degli Ulivi, 1
Colline del Sole
19030, Castelnuovo Magra (SP)

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