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Ristorante I Capitelli

Restaurant I Capitelli


Piazza Giacomo Matteotti, 38, 19038 Sarzana SP – (+39) 0187 691445 – (+39) 338 5038812
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Ristorante I Capitelli
Ristorante I Capitelli esterno
Ristorante I Capitelli interno
Ristorante I Capitelli risotto
Ristorante I Capitelli brodo
Ristorante I Capitelli mare
Ristorante I Capitelli secondo
Ristorante I Capitelli secondo
Ristorante I Capitelli mare
Ristorante I Capitelli secondo
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Ristorante I Capitelli


Restaurant in Sarzana


For ten years, I Capitelli Restaurant, located in the historic centre of Sarzana, has been welcoming customers with care and attention. The culinary traditions of Emilia and Tuscany are expressed in Liguria with authentic land and sea dishes.


Albignani Antonio, originally from Emilia and born in Fidenza,  decided to renew his passion for catering and to invest in the town of Sarzana.
The town, near the sea, is an important crossroads for tourists interested in history, culture, as well as food and wine. It is home to many catering businesses and the true challenge for Antonio was to start his business in a place where he had never worked before. His ideas for the project were well defined: the Menù di Terra (“Menu of land food”) had to reflect his traditions, there had to be a particular attention to the highest-quality products, while the Menù di Mare (“Menu of seafood”) was not intented to be typically Ligurian. The meeting with Simone Sbrana from Tuscany marked the beginning of this new adventure.
Antonio in the dining room and Simone in the kitchen: their common goal was to  create something different in Sarzana. It is useless to talk about all the attempts, the failed plans and the broken enthusiasm that took us where we are today. But at the same time, these missteps are part of our story.

The restaurant

Today “I Capitelli”, which is located in the historic centre of Sarzana, in the main square Piazza Matteotti, opposite  Via Mascardi ( Street of the Antique Dealers), hosts its guests in a small distinctive indoor space, while in summer it also offers outdoor seating.
Antonio and Dorotea Roffo (who has been with us since the days of the internship with the Istituto Alberghiero and who was trained by Antonio, who kindly passed his knowledge on to her) welcome the customers into the dining room, cook dishes flambé and prepare meat tartare.  Simone and Deborah Grassi (who graduated in cooking from the Istituto Alberghiero and who has strong organisational skills) are in charge of every other aspect of the kitchen. The teamwork between the dining room and the kitchen allows for a coordinated and meticulous service.

Proposta culinaria

Our seafood options

Our seafood options naturally change depending on the season. In the appetisers section you will find octopus, salted cod, sea bass, anchovies; first courses include red prawns, squid, tuna and bottarga (roe); to conclude, second courses are simple dishes such as baked fish or prawns stuffed with lard or the traditional fish stew. Seasonal dishes include mushrooms, white truffle and mixed boiled meat.

Our land food dishes

The land food dishes start with a selection of Emilian cured meat but you can also find the foie gras. First courses include risottos, homemade tagliolini (“long thin noodles”), tortelli and anolini (stuffed types of pasta). As second courses you will find fillets, steak tartare but also rabbit and game. The cherry on top are the homemade desserts. Obviously, we have a keen eye on vegetarian, vegan and allergy sufferers’ needs.

All of this is followed by a selection of local and national wines, which are the domain of our incredibly skilled Adriana Giannarelli, certified AIS Sommelier. She takes care of everything that is “spectacular”: catering is not only about the products of the kitchen and wine cellar but also about making the customer feel welcomed and pampered, like a Friend


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Piazza Giacomo Matteotti, 38, 19038 Sarzana SP

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