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Panino D’Amare

Osteria Tumelin

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Via del Torretto, 16 – 19121 La Spezia (SP) – (+39) 0187 305336
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Panino D'Amare
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Panino D’Amare


Fish Delicatessen in La Spezia


Panino D’Amare, in La Spezia, offers stuffed sandwiches, main courses and culinary products prepared withfresh and selected raw ingredients, to be enjoyed in the restaurant or wherever you prefer thanks to the take- away service. Panino D’Amare is a point of reference when it comes to sandwiches and stuffed focaccias, which are prepared with creativity and originality, and to the culinary offer, which also includes vegetarian options. All dishes are made with fresh ingredients, such as vegetables and fish, that are directly purchased from the producer. And last but not least, traditional Italian cold cuts, wines from local wineries, local and international craft beers.

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The culinary offer



Panino D’Amare offers a wide selection of sandwiches filled with seafood specialities produced by us. The
menu consists of about 10 sandwiches per season, but every Friday the chef prepares the so-called “special
week sandwich“, which will remain available until the following Friday. The sandwiches are prepared in real
time and this allows customers to customise their choice depending on the ingredients available. Each
sandwich has got a protein content (for instance, anchovies, salted cod, octopus headcheese or crustaceans
such as prawns or lobster; not to be found in the vegetarian sandwiches) and at least a vegetable and a
garnish sauce. The vegetarian sandwiches are creatively prepared to be tasty, e.g. with burrata stracciatella,
aubergine, rocket and tomato mayonnaise, or with radicchio and burrata. Our own egg-free “mayonnaise”
made with tomatoes, octopus, prawns is our primary type of sauce. Our choice of vegetables follows the


Culinary products

Although sandwiches are our speciality, Panino D’Amare has a range of delicatessen with many traditional
Ligurian dishes that vary depending on the availability of fish and on the other fresh products available. The
typical Ligurian products include alla ligure (“Ligurian-style”) stockfish with potatoes and taggiasca olives,
seafood stew with couscous or rice, octopus and potato salad, cod or vegetable pies, seafood salads, ready-
to-use seafood sauces which are vacuum-packed to enhance their content as best as possible, and many
other specialities. Vegetarian products are also included. You can enjoy the culinary products inside the
restaurant or in the heated outdoor space. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the take-away service.

Eco-friendly philosophy

Panino D’Amare adheres to eco-friendly practices: we use plastic-free packaging and we prioritise recycled
and recyclable materials. Purchasing from nearby suppliers allows us to have a better control over the
quality of the ingredients and it also reduces the pollutant emissions caused by road transport.

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Via del Torretto, 16 – 19121 La Spezia (SP)

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