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Osteria Da Bussé

Osteria da Bussé


Piazza del Duomo 31,54027, Pontremoli(MS) – (+39)  340 7465839
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Osteria da Bussé
Osteria da Bussé sala
Osteria da Bussé pesto
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Osteria da Bussé baccala
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Osteria da Bussé


In Pontremoli


The Osteria da Bussé has been an important part of Pontremoli’s history and identity over the last eighty years. In the past, it was a place that offered refreshements to the inhabitants of the town and it was are ference point for the local artisans, farmers and merchants. Today it represents the historical tradition with the same values and authenticity of the past. Osteria da Bussè is famous for its traditional dishes of Pontremoli’s cuisine.

The restaurant reflects its ancient roots by painstakingly and respectfully preserving the historical environment. The use of traditional furniture is combined with the selection of elegant colours that evoke a simple and sober elegance, conveying a sense of wellbeing.

The inn has still got its distinctive rooms that can host special gatherings. The spaces are perfectly structured to ensure privacy and a peaceful atmosphere during lunches and dinners.

The open kitchen allows customers to live the emotions along with the kitchen staff. The inn immediately welcomes you with its scents and with its typical and seasonal products. The comfortable stools invite you to stop for a snack.

The inn has its own concept of cuisine. Their dishes are rooted in tradition and they are the result of a constant search for high quality raw ingredients, of the direct contact with small local businesses, of the respect for seasonality and of the rediscovery of ancient flavours. All of this is combined with modern preparation techniques. This relationship between new and old can be clearly seen in the dishes on the menu, all of which are carefully prepared.

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Piazza del Duomo 31, Pontremoli

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