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Marenco 1947

Calzoleria Marenco


Piazza V. Emanuele, 58, 19028 Varese Ligure SP – (+39) 338 6661159
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Marenco 1947
Marenco 1947 bag
Marenco 1947 shoes
Marenco 1947 beige bag
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Marenco 1947


Footwear, Bags and Accessories


Calzoleria Marenco, in Varese Ligure since 1947, makes and sells footwear, bags and accessories. Customers can also get tailor-made items, which is always appreciated. 1947 is the year when the young Angelo Marenco began to learn the craft  from his brother Giuseppe. The latter, after being captured and deported, came back home at the end of World War II and decided to resume the activity that had been interrupted. That was when Calzoleria Marenco was born.

The synergy and teamwork of the two brothers lasted until the mid-1980s, when the founder and older brother Giuseppe passed away. From 1990 to 2003 Angelo was joined by his eldest son Adriano, to whom he passed down the secrets and the passion for the craft: the love for rigorously handmade manufacturing, the choice of quality materials and the attention to detail at every stage of the creation.

At Marenco 1947 we make items to suit every taste, from customised, hand-sewn and tailor-made bags to leather bags – numbered editions, weaved bags, painted bags, printed bags, natural or monochromatic bags, and other types.  You will also find men’s bags, accessories for men and women, shoemaking items and other leather goods. (A telephone number is appreciated to make communciation easier).

The work of Marenco 1947



All items are exclusively designed and manufactured in Varese Ligure, where we sell the majority of our products, with the exception of specific requests where we ship products to the customer.



Customers can take advantage of our free cleaning and polishing service without limits of time.



Products are limited as the business has no employees or collaborators.



All bags are customised on the inside with a leather tag, pyrographed by hand.



In 2014 we started to create top-of-the-range products, designed for a niche and selective clientele who is constantly searching for highly customised, exclusive and unique products.



The customised choice of style, shape and size, based on your personal ideas and/or on the advice of experts  (choosing from a wide variety of materials, both for the exterior and interior finish), leads to a personal and unique result.



Handmade productions with machine-sewn seams for 10 models and up to a maximum of 49 pieces.
They are exclusively made of natural leather and lined with red leather. On the inside, they have a tag, pyrographed by hand, which shows the progressive number and the year of production. On the outside, their details of higher quality and the logo in satin brass make them really stand out. A further element of embellishment is their package made of fabric and lined with leather.



The design is usually based on an initial sketch.
We then create a paper pattern for the individual parts of the bag.
Afterwards, we cut the leather and we thin the edges to make the joints flexible.
The pieces are buffed to facilitate bonding between the various parts.
The seams (made by hand or machine) are the last step before the finishing touch, which makes each piece unique. 



We use premium types of leather: natural, coloured, printed or varnished leather.
The lining, which is always made by hand, can include pockets, document holders, mobile phone holders and anything you wish to add.
For the lining we use cotton, linen, washable materials or even leather.
There are endless possibilities when it comes to the finish, which can embellish any object and make it even more exclusive: hand-stitched seams, fire branding, the possibility to add initials or dedications, zips made of wood…
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Piazza V. Emanuele, 58, 19028 Varese Ligure SP

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