Lucchi & Guastalli Frantoio

Lucchi e Guastalli Frantoio

Oil Mill / Tasting of typical products/ Farm / Winery

Oil mill: Via Vincinella, 13/6, 19037, Santo Stefano di Magra (SP)
Winery: Via Giardino, 6, 19020, Vezzano Ligure (SP)
(+39) 0187 633329 / (+39) 333 8520734
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Lucchi e Guastalli Frantoio vigneto
Lucchi e Guastalli
lucchi e guastalli vigna
Lucchi e Guastalli Frantoio uva
Lucchi e Guastalli uva
Lucchi e Guastalli Frantoio vino
Lucchi e Guastalli degustazione vino e olio
Lucchi e Guastalli olive
Lucchi e Guastalli olive
Lucchi e Guastalli olive
Lucchi e Guastalli degustazione olio
Lucchi e Guastalli olive
Lucchi e Guastalli olio
Lucchi e Guastali frantoio arnie
Lucchi e Guastalli arnie sul mare
Lucchi e Guastalli frantoio api
Lucchi e Guastalli
Lucchi e Guastalli frantoio olive
Lucchi e Guastalli frantoio miele

Lucchi & Guastalli Frantoio


In Santo Stefano di Magra


Lucchi and Guastalli was born from the passion for olives and Italian Extra Vergin oil of the founders, who give their names to the company.
It is the first company in Liguria to boast the Protected Origin Riviera Ligure Denomination , – the Riviera Ligure Dop Olive Oil – to which it is linked by the ancient tradition and of which it is active supporter.

The company aims to create unique products through the use of techniques with low environmental impact.
In the company are carried out cultural and training activies on olive oil, training courses for tasters, guided visits to the olive groves and the production plant, conducted by Marco Lucchi, Doctor Agronomist, expert taster and panel leader of the tasting committee APOL of Genoa.

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The farm

Lucchi & Guastalli

Lucchi e Guastalli logo

The farm Lucchi & Guastalli

Lucchi e Guastalli logo

The farm covers about 12 hectares of terraced hillside olive groves, located partly in the municipality of Riomaggiore, in the Busanco area, and partly in the municipality of Santo Stefano di Magra, divided into three plots, different in altitude and pedoclimatic characteristics. Land management, implemented through controlled grassing, is aimed at maintaining natural fertility and preventing erosion. The company applies monitoring and integrated phytosanitary defense techniques, through the priority application of organic farming methods.

The company’s olive groves are all certified DOP Riviera Ligure, Riviera di Levante sub-area.

The Razzola olive, largely prevalent on the company’s land, is the main variety of the Riviera Ligure DOP grown in the province of La Spezia. The olive, which offers a good oil yield, is characterized by a gentle bearing, medium-sized fruit with evident lenticels and a long, gradual ripening. The veraison begins in early October and lasts until the winter period; in cases of considerable production it is possible to find olives still green on the plant until February. The oil obtained from it, between October and November, is characterized by a medium fruity aroma of the green type, sweet on the palate with a medium spicy and slightly bitter aftertaste, enriched with sensory notes of artichoke and aromatic herbs.

Lucchi & Guastalli Oil mill

The oil mill adopts the water-saving two-phase Pieralisi continuous system.

In all stages of processing the temperature never exceeds 27 ° – cold extraction.

The first oil mill in Liguria that does not produce waste from its production cycleclean and renewable energy is obtained from residual biomass: the wood seeds are recovered as ecological fuel for heating the water used in the company, while the pomace is sent to a biogas plant for the production of electricity.

The strengths of the new plant are the refrigerated knife crusher where the olives are broken quickly at low temperatures, and the Protoreactor, the revolutionary Pieralisi innovation that in a few minutes favors the extraction of oil, preserving its freshness and aromas.

The two-phase integral decanter separates the oil without diluting with water, preserving the antioxidant and aromatic substances contained in the oil to the maximum.

We are proud to affirm, without any doubt, that ours is truly and profoundly an “ECOLOGICAL MILL”.

Adopt a beehive

with Lucchi & Guastalli you can!

Bees are pollinating insects that are the foundation of our ecosystem.  Today they are on the verge of extinction and their breeding is the only way we can save them. Bees live and work as a single organism, a single living being that acts for the good of the hive.
Inspired by their way of life, we want to involve you in their protection.
Adopt a hive you can:


  • follow the life of a family for a whole year
  • receive your certificate of adoption, with the names of the queen and the hive you adopted
  • receive the monthly newsletter with updates on the life of bees and their wonderful world
  • and at the end of the productive year (approximately in mid-autumn) you will receive the honey of your hive!


We take care of more than 40 hives, located in Riomaggiore, in a beautiful terraced olive grove typical of Cinque Terre. We produce honey of heather, acacia and chestnut, flowering characteristics of our territory. Adopting a beehive contributes concretely to the support of the life of bees and to the protection of the planet supporting it concretely and helping us in the expansion of our apiary. Choose whether to give it to yourself or make a gesture of love for those who prefer, adopt now your hive.


Our oil

Classica Line – Extravirgin Olive Oils

These are the oils produced by Lucchi and Guastalli for over 15 years, starting from Italian olives selected from fine varieties, oils that have achieved important national and international awards. The long relationship of trust established over the years with suppliers and our consolidated production techniques guarantee the quality of the products, always high and constant over time.

Albero della Vita Line

This line includes different types of oils, conventional or organic, of high quality Italian varieties, enhanced either as monovarietal or as unpublished olive trees, made by Marco Lucchi with the aim of combining the different varieties in the right proportion to provide suitable original products to different uses. They are oils made by their nature in limited quantities, shown on the label together with the list of varieties used.

Our Wine

The estate, which has always been called “Il Giardino”, is the chosen place in Vezzano Ligure, for its particular and happy position. The medium-textured soil, characterized by a gentle slope and a favorable south-west exposure, constantly ventilated by sea breezes, is fertile and suitable for growing grapes.

The first settlement of Albarola, older than 50 years, is flanked by the subsequent plants of Vermentino and Sangiovese of about 20 years of age, with some integration of Merla (Canaiolo Nero) and Malvasia.

Here we produce our wines: Vermentino DOC Colli di LuniRosso DOC Colli di Luni and Rosato IGT Liguria di Levante, wines whose unique aromas and flavors tell the story of the place where the vineyards have their roots.

The starry sky painted ceiling of the Cappelletta, the dry stone walls and the ancient stone colonnades become a decorative element of our labels.

A crucial element for the success of the products is the collaboration with the enologist Francesco Petacco, an experienced and well-known technician, who combines innate concreteness and the ability to interpret the ideas and aspirations of our company with profound enological knowledge.

Our honey

In Riomaggiore, in the area of the Cinque Terre National Park, in addition to the olive grove from which the exclusive DOP Riviera Ligure “Terre d’Amare” is obtained, there is an apiary. Here we produce the precious Erica honey arborea, characteristic essence of the area, and Acacia and Chestnut honeys. Cinque Terre honey is the product of an uncontaminated environment free from chemical conditioning, an oasis where the beauty of Nature is integrated with the work of man, creator of the characteristic dry stone walls. Here our bees operate safely favored by the mild and sunny climate, only taking shelter in the hive when sea winds sometimes make flight difficult.

Bees are pollinating insects, the foundation of our ecosystem. Today they are in danger of extinction, their breeding is the only way we have to save them.

We want to involve you in their protection: with the “adopt a hive” initiative (direct link) you can help us protect them and discover their mysterious world by following the life of a family for a whole year.

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Via Vincinella 13/6, 19037, Santo Stefano di Magra (SP)


Via Giardino 6, 19020, Vezzano Ligure (SP)

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