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La Gallina Cubista

La Gallina Cubista

Clothing / Gift articles 

Via Garibaldi, 32, 54027 Pontremoli MS – (+39) 0187 831751
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Gallina Cubista


In Pontremoli


Gallina Cubista is a shop selling natural, organic and 0 km products. In this small shop, which has been active since 2013 and was recently renovated by Daniela and Bruno, you can find everything you need for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Literally from head to toe! Personal and home care products, make-up and food are carefully selected for the wellbeing of customers and of our planet.

La Gallina Cubista is an unusual space. Visiting La Gallina is a unique experience, which allows you to dive into a dimension of tranquillity and peace. Every time you enter this relaxing place, you can enjoy moments of pure serenity. It is as if time stops – there are no clocks in the shop – and you can take care of yourself in total peace of mind. Come in and discover the products that Daniela and Bruno have to offer. They will be glad to listen to your opinions and thoughts so as to make future visits even more enjoyable.

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Via Garibaldi, 32, 54027 Pontremoli MS

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