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Il Panìgo

Il Panìgo

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Via Cisa, 131/A – Sarzana (SP) – (+39) 0187 627365
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Il Panìgo
Il Panìgo
Il Panìgo panigacci bolliti
Il Panìgo panigacci
Il Panìgo
Trattoria martina spaghetti frutti mare
Il Panìgo ravioli fatti a mano
Il Panìgo polenta
Il Panìgo carne
Il Panìgo carne
Il Panìgo flan di pecorino
Il Panìgo piatto vegetariano
Il Panìgo dolce

Il Panìgo


Tradition makes the difference


Panigacceria, polenteria, traditional cuisine with homemade pasta and meat in Sarzana

The Panìgo was born 6 years ago and its name originates from the naked wheat Il panico” that is translated as Panìgo in the Lunigianese dialect. Apparently, it was one of the first types of wheat whose flour was used to produce bread, focaccia and panigacci.

At Panìgo, you can find the famous panigacci cooked in terracotta pots in a wooden oven, served with  selected cold cuts and cheese or boiled and dressed with extra virgin olive oil, pesto or meat sauce of our own production. The Panìgo menu follows seasonality, and in the majority of cases we source products such as oil, flour and vegetables from local producers. Apart from panigacci, we offer fresh homemade pasta (ravioli, tortelli, tagliatelle and gnocchi). The famous scherpa (a pie made of herbs, pumpkin and leeks) baked on the testi (flat terracotta surface) and served with extra virgin olive oil and Parmigiano Reggiano (Parmesan cheese).

In autumn and winter you can find soft and fried polenta served with stockfish, braised pork cheeks and many other condiments. The Panìgo also offers a selection of meats served on the terracotta “testo” such as sausages, heart steak, rib steak or sirloin steak. The wines and beers are carefully selected to complement the traditional dishes, paying special attention to local producers. Panìgo selects fine wines from the region, where 5000 hectares are destined for viticulture, with bush or espalier vines and a production of mostly white wines

Opening hours

Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays opened at dinner  19:15-23:00
From Friday to Sunday opened at lunch 12:30-15:00 and at dinner 19:15-23:00
Closing day: every Tuesday

In the summer we are opened only at dinner  19:15-23:00
Closing day: every Tuesday


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Via Cisa, 131/A – Sarzana (SP)

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