Forno Tarantola

Forno Tarantola

Pastry Shop / Bakery / Biscuit Factory

Via Roma, 18, 54027, Pontremoli (MS) – (+39) 0187.833560
Via Malaspina, 74, 54027, Pontremoli (MS) – (+39) 0187.871106 – (+39) 349 8118998
Via Monsignor Lucchi, 11, 43042 – Berceto (PR)
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Forno Tarantola


Pastry and Bakery in Lunigiana, Pontremoli and Berceto


Forno Tarantola was established in 1935 with Francesco Tarantola, then passed on to Pasquino and his daughters until April 2023 when the Tarantola family decided to hand over their immense inheritance to Glenda and Toni, a couple who chose to leave everything behind to embark on the wonderful journey of craftsmanship.
A legacy made of the highest quality, local and genuine ingredients, of white art in its noblest sense.

Glenda and Toni, together with a great team of artisans, have chosen to take on the responsibility of being the last custodians and producers of two symbolic products of their beloved Pontremoli: Karsenta and Ramaino.
Karsenta is a De.Co. certified Pontremoli bread, made with flour, water, sourdough starter, salt and brewer’s yeast. The flour, type I, must be 50% from Lunigiana, ground in local stone mills, and baked on dried chestnut leaves.

The main ingredients of Ramaino are flour, water, sourdough starter, sugar, evo oil, aniseed seeds and sultanas.

The Forno Tarantola team is made up of artisans who love their work: BAKERS who produce classic delicacies and new creations; Bakers who night after night give life to bread that smells of home, tradition and love.


Karsenta used to be the bread that was made in the Pontremoli countryside where there was the possibility of using the testo (flat cooking device) in the ‘gradili‘, the rooms used above all for drying chestnuts, where the fire was always lit and therefore the availability of embers was spontaneous.

“Karsênta” has to be made with: Flour, water, sourdough starter, salt, brewer’s yeast.


A type I flour must be used, the one that comes closest to the sieved flours of our rural tradition.

Of this flour, at least 50% must be produced in Lunigiana, milled by our stone mills. (it is important that this can be proven by certification or invoicing).

If possible, even though not compulsory, you could specify the quality of locally sourced wheat, for example Ventitré, already certified as ancient wheat.

It could be left up to those who make Karsenta to include 5% of other flours that were once used, such as maize or rye, as they can characterise and personalise the dough.


Water must come from the Pontremoli municipal aqueduct.


It will be compulsory to use sourdough starter, which must be at least 30% of the amount of flour, brewer’s yeast must not exceed 5% so that the dough will rise slowly.

Even better, brewer’s yeast in the form of a previously made biga can be used.

Shape and characteristics

Karsénta must have a circular shape with a diameter of about 30 to 35 cm and, after baking, a height in the middle of 5 to 8 cm.

The main characteristic of the Karsénta must be baking over chestnut leaves, dried and regenerated after soaking in boiling water, which give this bread an aroma and flavour that makes it recognisable and identifiable.

Obviously, daily production can be done in wood-fired, gas or electric ovens. In these cases, leavening and baking directly in a baking tray to simulate the shape of a testo is recommended.

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Forno Tarantola


Via Roma, 18, 54027, Pontremoli (MS)

Forno Tarantola


Via Malaspina, 74, 54027, Pontremoli (MS)

Forno Tarantola


Via Monsignor Lucchi, 11, 43042 – Berceto (PR)

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