Fabbrica d’Arte Monterosso

Fabbrica D’Arte Monterosso

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Via Roma, 9, 19016, Monterosso al Mare (SP)
Via Vittorio Emanuele, 27, 19016, Monterosso al Mare (SP)
(+39) 334 7516037 – (+39) 347 6025316
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Fabbrica D'arte Monterosso
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Fabbrica d'arte monterosso staff lavorazione
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Fabbrica d’Arte Monterosso


Artistic ceramic workshop


Fabbrica d’Arte Monterosso has been working and decorating ceramic in its workshop just outside Monterosso, in the Cinque Terre, since 1982. The working hands of the people involved have perfected every gesture, experimented, made mistakes and discoveries: this is why today they offer unique pieces that have their own authentic personality.

Fabbrica d’Arte Monterosso is a project, an idea, a dream that takes shape every day. It is art, craftsmanship, dedication.

Every day, five pairs of hands, two families, meet in the workshop. Milla and Franz opened the workshop almost 40 years ago after a ceramics course, in the pursuit of their passion; Jenny and Diego joined the project at a later time and soon fell in love with the world of ceramics. But there are also the hands of Adele, Milla and Diego’s daughter. Fabbrica d’Arte Monterosso is the result of this synergy: two workshops in Monterosso and a workshop near the village, where the sea and the mountains are touched by the same breeze: we are in the very heart of the Cinque Terre.

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The products



Porcelain has always fascinated us: strong and delicate at the same time and, contrary to what we might assume, it doesn’t have any issues with microwaves or even dishwashers.
In order to make our creations unique, we work the white mixture by hand in small sections so as to give it a distinctive translucent look. We then embellish it with natural oxides such as iron, cobalt and copper.



It is made strong and elegant by the extremely high temperature at which it is baked. It is ideal for the storage of all kinds of food and it is not afraid of ovens, microwaves or even dishwashers as it is completely waterproof.
Its distinctive vitrified look makes it irresistible to the touch and our special glazes make it a joy for the eyes.



Terracotta is a longstanding love affair. Flexible, versatile, phenomenal: it is a material that continues to amaze us even today, after years of work. We create each piece keeping in mind those elements that have always been part of us – like the typical houses of the village or the anchovies – and that tell the story of our places. After baking it a first time, we paint it by hand and bake it again, to make the colour even more resistant. The result is a small piece of art that captures a speck of the essence of the Cinque Terre.


Customization and customized prokects

If that’s not enough, we can go even further: we customise our pieces on request to make them even closer to your tastes. Our hands and our experience are at your disposal to fulfill your desires: we are always available to create unique products based on your needs. Your sketches will be our starting point to design and create something that is truly yours.


Party favours

Give something truly special to the people who share the most important moments with you. We create and decorate our party favours by hand: they are unique pieces, just like your memories.



Bring home the essence of the Cinque Terre: we can create a unique set for your table, customising it according to your needs, with the same care and attention that we put into our traditional pieces.

The workshops

There are two workshop

  • In Via Roma, 9 Monterosso al Mare (SP) – 19016
  • In Via Vittorio Emanuele, 27 Monterosso al Mare (SP) – 19016
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Via Roma, 9, 19016, Monterosso al Mare (SP)



Via Vittorio Emanuele, 27, 19016, Monterosso al Mare (SP)


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