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Via Matteotti, 46, 16035, Rapallo (GE) – (+39) 0185 52825

Borsalino a Rapallo
Borsalino a Rapallo-pelletteria
Borsalino a Rapallo - cappelli
Borsalino a Rapallo - borse
Borsalino a Rapallo - borse
Borsalino a Rapallo-cappelli
Borsalino a Rapallo - pelletteria e cappello rosso
Borsalino a Rapallo-portafogli
Borsalino a Rapallo - valigia e cappello
Borsalino a Rapallo, pelletteria donna ocra e sabbia
Borsalino a Rapallo, cappelli uomo e cinture
Borsalino a Rapallo, cappelli donna e ombrelli
Borsalino a Rapallo, la vetrina

Borsalino in Rapallo


Leather goods and hats in Rapallo


In the heart of Rapallo, more precisely in Via Matteotti, 46, Borsalino has been welcoming customers since 1906.

With professionalism and kindness, it offers hats for every taste and of different types, for both men and women, perfect for every season. Details and finishing touches are a hallmark of Borsalino hats, and the attention to detail represents the importance attached to the creation of a valuable product. Made with quality textures and materials, they are perfect for an important occasion when you are looking for a refined result, but are also excellent allies for a more casual outfit.

At Borsalino in Rapallo, you can also find leather goods such as belts, bags and wallets, umbrellas and suitcases.

Enter the shop and discover all our quality products.

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Via Matteotti, 46, 16035, Rapallo (GE)

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