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Baico Pesto Lab

Baico Pesto Lab

Pesto Class / Tasting of typical products

Via Roma, 35, 19016 Monterosso al Mare SP – (+39) 349 1872937
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Baico pesto lab
baico pesto lab interno
baico pesto lab entrata
baico pesto lab esterno
baico pesto lab preparazione
baico pesto lab preparazione pesto
baico pesto lab mortaio
Baico pesto lab trofie
baico pesto lab pasta al pesto
Baico pesto lab prodotti
Baico pesto lab prodotti
Baico pesto lab acciughe
Baico pesto lab vino

Baico Pesto Lab


Pesto Lab in Monterosso al Mare


Liguria and the Cinque Terre are ancient lands: still today, they continue to cook the ancient traditional dishes.

Especially he word “pesto” en-closes in itself the aroma, the colors and the atmosphere of Liguria. In short, an imaginary who has never lost the magic behind the traditional cuisine.

Just to preserve this magic, Davide Faravelli invented and put in place a laboratory workshop, in the village of Monterosso: Baico Pesto Lab. Here the pesto is produced directly with the fresh basil of the hills overlooking the sea; the anchovies are those caught in the waters of our sea.

Baico Pesto Lab is a shop where the main products of the Cinque Terre find a place, such as oil, wine, sauces, olives, anchovies, hand-made pasta and products for vegans, including and above all pesto.

Those who can’t reach the shop in Monterosso, they will easily be able to supply these wonderful products of the Ligurian land, refilling directly through our shop-online in this website with worldwide shipping!

Baico Pesto Lab, the artisan workshop that produces Genoese pesto, and passes on the Ligurian tradition all over the world, with its scents.

Apart from pesto, made every day, you can also find other local and typical products, such as Monterosso anchovies, Taggiasca olive oil, fresh pasta, limoncino and other specialities.

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Via Roma, 35, 19016 Monterosso al Mare SP

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