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Castelnuovo Magra


“Ed elli: “Or va; che ‘l sol non si ricorca
sette volte nel letto che ‘l Montone
con tutti e quattro i piè cuopre e inforca,

che cotesta cortese oppinïone
ti fia chiavata in mezzo de la testa
con maggior chiovi che d’altrui sermone,

se corso di giudicio non s’arresta”

(Dante Alighieri, Pur VIII, 133-139)

The gathering place in Castelnuovo is via Dante, so called because the poet came to Castelnuovo Magra, as prosecutor of the Malaspina family, to conclude a peace treaty that ended years of bloody struggles.

Via Dante is entirely paved with sandstone, it connects two landmarks of the community, the church of Santa Maria Maddalena and the castle, there is a large number of splendid noble period buildings in via Dante, each building has magnificent marble inserts, contrary to the use of gray stones used in that period.

Next to the church there is a porch that leads to the small square of the eighteenth-century Amati-Ingolotti-Cornelio palace, seat of the Town Hall and the Regional Enoteca of Liguria: from its garden you can enjoy a lovely view of the Apuan Alps and Versilia.

The municipality has been awarded the Orange Flag by the Italian Touring Club and the national Green Flag award for agriculture and environmental protection policies.

Events and places of interest

Castelnuovo Magra was born humble, a simple camp located in the last stretch of the alluvial plain, then it became important with Sarzana as a bishopric, a walled village with lofty towers, a church and a late Renaissance style castle, Castelnuovo experienced events similar to those of other towns located near a border.

The period building located in Castelnuovo, known as Castle-Palazzo dei Vescovi di Luni, became the symbol of the town, however it is the magnificent,large circular tower that better represents Castelnuovo Magra, it is well preserved, and shows the early developments of this village, before it was populated, becoming a place full of life and colours. Mount Bastione, on which the foundations of Castelnuovo were built, thrives thanks to streams, canals and small hamlets all accessible (Molicciara, Colombiera, Marciano), in the past it was a defensive position that served as a citadel.

Here we find the church Santa Maria Maddalena, built in late Reinassance style, you cannot be mistaken, the church has a bell tower, a beautiful baby pink facade – in Baroque style, and a bas-relief depicting the Penitent Madonna, who watches over us as we enter a place of extreme taste and sacredness – the frescoes were painted by Luigi Agretti.

In Castelnuovo Magra a must see is the event “Benvenuto Vermentino” : a tour of the cellars of the wine Colli di Luni, the major promoters of this type of grapes, there are wine tastings, guided tours of the territory and initiatives together with local operators of the sector.

In June, ample space is given to other precious products of the territory such as olive oil and quality products all produced locally, experts from the whole Region come to Castelnuovo Magra for this event. At the end of June, beginning of July there is “Arteinfiera”, an event that highlights local handicraft products, it attracts a lot of people, the town and the shops are decorated with the creations of craftsmen.

Don’t miss “La pace di Dante”, another beautiful historical re-enactment that takes place on the anniversary of the power of attorney given to the poet, the partecpants of the procession wear a rigorous costume dress code. There is a Middle Age style dinner with actors, jugglers and much more.

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