“Di rosso, alla sbarra di azzurro, accostata in capo ed in punta da due spighe di grano fruttate e fogliate di oro; ad un monte di verde, di una cima all’italiana, in punta dello scudo; sovrastato di corona argentea.” (Descrizione araldica dello stemma)

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Next one is Carrodano,  a lovely valley village, with a bell tower right in the centre. Devoted to agriculture, adjacent to Carro and Sesta Godano and divided into two parts, Carrodano Inferiore and Superiore, it includes the hamlets of Mattarana, Canegreca, Costa-Pereto, Piana, Ferriere, Termine and Arsina. The toponym denotes the very ancient origin of this place;  a sort of itinerant camp for chariots during the Gauls’ invasion in the 4th century BC.

In addition to the marvellous historic centre, you can admire the parish church and the oratory of San Bartolomeo, which we will see more of later. Carrodano, thanks to its favourable geographic position, is also one of the preferred locations for second homes among the inhabitants of the regional county seats, provided they are accustomed to the mountains.

Food & Wine

Carro and Carrodano, rolling up their sleeves as if they were a dynamic duo of tavernkeepers who know their stuff, tempt the taste buds of travellers with stockfish stew, sautéed borage fritters, trays of courgettes and tomatoes au gratin with homemade fillings, and finally, in Maissana, a moment of detox, in the places where the classic Torza bean, the real star of food festivals, is grown.

Events and Place of Interest

Our attention is reawakened in Carrodano Inferiore, as we reach the Church of Santa Felicita. As soon as we enter, we are greeted by a splendid wooden statue, precisely Felicita, surrounded by her seven children, the collected works  of the school of Maragliano – the statue, during the patron saint’s festival in August, is carried by arm along the streets of the neighbourhoods, despite weighing several quintals.

Carrodano Superiore enshrines the church of San Bartolomeo, a pink interlude among the small, narrow avenues and balconies. Turning from the road to Monte San Nicolao, you reach interesting traces of the distant past here in Carrodano: the remains of an ancient medieval lodging, where pilgrims used to stop on their way to sanctuaries and the Via Francigena.

The Romanesque-style Church of Mattarana, dedicated to St John the Baptist, is worth a visit. Celebrations are held on the night of June 24th, with the traditional bonfire.

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Monumental Lunigiana in the presence of the witnesses of time

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Lunigiana Storica - cover magazine 2023

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