“Drappo di rosso, riccamente ornato di ricami d’argento e caricato al centro dello stemma civico. Le parti di metallo ed i cordoni saranno argentati, l’asta verticale sarà ricoperta di velluto azzurro con bullette argentate poste a spirale, cravatta e nastri tricolorati dai colori nazionali frangiati d’argento, con lo stemma del Comune” (Descrizione araldica dello stemma)

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Bolano, one of the oldest municipalities close to Tuscany, bases its economy on agriculture and animal husbandry. The historic centre provides us with a faithful testimony of the importance of the “statio” in Bolano, whose peak, albeit dusty, can still be admired in one of the three original gates of the town, called (not coincidentally) “Stazòn”, which marked one of the entries into the village of Bolano.

According to historical sources, despite the fact that the record for colonisation is held by the Ligurian Apuans – as evidence of this, comma two, a “box” tomb was found here and is now on display at the Ubaldo Formentini civic archaeological museum in La Spezia -, the layout of the streets and huts suggests that Bolano had a greater prominence under the Romans, as a guard outpost.

Apart from the characteristic historic centre, in Bolano we can admire a number of churches and parishes enveloped by an indulgent and unspoilt nature.

Events and Places of interest

The Giustiniani Castle has casted off its role as a building whose task was defensive and, following several reconstructions, is now a splendid tall and square palace that proves all its value as an old aristocratic residence. The aristocratic chapel is right next to it. Privately owned, and formally within the domain of Ceparana, it remains one of the best subjects to photograph in Bolano.

The Oratory of Sts. Antonio and Rocco is undoubtedly interesting. With a single nave, white and stoic due to its gabled façade, which was the preferred construction method in Val di Vara, it rests on foundations of local stone, recalling a more traditional conformation. Inside, recently restored, are works by Simone Barabino and Stefano Lemmi.

Probably of ancient foundation, the parish church dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta contains numerous paintings by local artists. It stands just above the hills, in the old village of Bolano, and it is defined by a Baroque style. In December, on the occasion of the most heartfelt festivity, we have the “Christmas Markets”, a great event for shopping and food lovers. In August, the “Sagra di San Bartolomeo” (St Bartholomew’s Festival), featuring food, wine, music and entertainment.

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Monumental Lunigiana in the presence of the witnesses of time

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Lunigiana Storica - cover magazine 2023

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