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Dedichiamo questa pagina a tutti coloro che hanno creduto in questo progetto, e hanno impiegato il loro tempo nella realizzazione, passata e futura, di Italia per Voi Magazine!

Se pensi che il tuo nome manchi nell’elenco qui sotto, contattaci senza esitazione a [email protected]

Icons from the Noun Project:

“Phone” by  Yogi Aprelliyanto
“Position” by fix project
“Mail” by  Flatart
“Magazine” by Pause08
“Books” by Nikita Kozin
“Hashtag” by Eucalyp
“Restaurant” by monkik
“Hotel “by Made by Made
“Pasta” by mikicon
“Shopping bags” by Carla Porciuncula
“Massage” by Massupa Kaewgahya
“Kite” by pongsakorn
“Compass”by P Thanga Vignesh
“Real Estate” by Youmena
“Wedding” by Ian Rahmadi Kurniawan
“Beach” by iconoci
“Dimension” by Shovy Rahman
“Bathtub” by Vectors Market
“Bed” by romzicon
“Key” by Bharat
“Home” by Flatart
“Hashtag” by Guilhem
“Tag” by ArtWorkLeaf
“Column” by Intro Mike
“Hiker” by Vectors Point
“Beach” by Made
“Fork Knife” by Mello
“Sea” by Nook Fulloption
“Celebration” by Fantastic
“Shopping Bag” by Storm Icons
“Book” by Martin
“Photoshop” by Alba de la Herrán
“Social Media” by Mavadee
“Communication” by Gregor Cresnar
“Transportation” by Kamal
“Networking” by Daouna Jeong
“Shopping bags” by Flatart
“Wellness” by Dairy Free Design
“Wine and cheese” by VINZENCE STUDIO
“Anchor” by Natalia
“Real Estate” by Gregor Cresnar
“Pasta” by Chananan
“Sailboat” by Xinh Studio
“Auto” by Flatart
“Devices” by IconMark
“Calendar” by tezar tantular
“Newsletter” by Eucalyp
“Menu” by hans draiman
“Anchovies” by elmars
“Alert” by Vladimir Belochkin
“Cocktail” by Pavitra
“Breakfast” by Made by Made
“Coffee” by Visual Glow
“Pizza slice” by Vectors Market
“Salad” by Boyan
“Chopping board” by Made by Made
“Beer” by monkik from the Noun Project

Icons from Flaticon.com:

“Facebook”, “Instagram” icons made by Freepik
“Email” icon made by iconixar
“Global” icon made by srip
“Countrys flag” icons made by Freepik
“Rum” by Vladimir Belochkin from the Noun Project

Font from Linotype:

Designed by  Adrian Frutiger in 1991 and Linotype Design Studio in 1991 and Firmin Didot


© Enrico Amici


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